Why Women Choose An IUD For Contraception

Women interested in avoiding or reducing their risk of pregnancy, and are sexually active, will need to speak to the team at Columbus Women’s Care to learn more about the advantages of contraception. It is common for women to use contraception to avoid or delay pregnancy, especially if they are not interested in having children. There are short-term and long-term contraceptive options for women to consider, from the birth control pill to laparoscopic tubal ligation. Each one has its pros and cons, and choosing the one right for you is a personal decision and choice. Women considering a more long-term option that is reversible in the future may want to ask the team about IUDs.

What Is An IUD?

Contraception is often used to avoid pregnancy, and IUDs can provide 99% effectiveness. IUDs, or “intrauterine devices,” are small devices that are shaped like a T and are inserted into the uterus. It prevents pregnancy and can last from 3-10 years depending on the type of device used. There are hormonal devices, that administer hormones over time to prevent pregnancy, and copper devices, such as the ParaGard, that keeps sperm from getting to the eggs without the use of hormones. The copper devices can last longer than hormonal ones which need to be replaced every several years. IUDs can be removed if women decide to conceive.

What IUD Brands And Products Are Available At Columbus Women’s Care?

Patients may choose from the following types of IUDs:

  • Mirena
  • Liletta
  • ParaGard
  • Kyleena
  • Skyla

What Are Side Effects Of IUDs?

Depending on the type of IUD you choose, you may experience mild side effects. Hormonal IUDs, such as Mirena, can cause a decrease or loss of menses, while also reducing common cramping associated with PMS. For some, the non-hormonal IUD, ParaGard, can cause heavier bleeding and increased cramping during menses.

Schedule A Visit With Our Team To Learn More

Call (614) 755-4200 to schedule a consultation appointment and initial evaluation with our team at Columbus Women’s Care in Canal Winchester, Ohio to discuss the advantages of IUDs. Our practice is located in Suites 205/260 at 7901 Diley Road and accepts new patients.

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