Learn the Importance of Cervical Cancer Screenings

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2019
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At Columbus Women’s Care, we know that your time is precious to you. We understand the busy schedules our patients hold between work and family. However, there is no excuse for not taking care of yourself and screening yourself for serious medical conditions such as cervical cancer.

What is cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is a prevalent cancer that can appear among women in the cervix. With early screenings and treatment, this condition can often be preventable or easily eliminated. One of the most important screenings that can indicate cervical cancer is the Pap test.

Why are Pap tests important?

A Pap test is a unique screening that can be used for checking for abnormal cells in the cervix that could indicate cancer or precancerous cells. The Pap test is performed in the office with a healthcare provider during which cells are collected from the cervix and sent off for further evaluation. If the testing results in the development of abnormal cells, additional tests are then used to determine if cervical cancer exists. This evaluation can be performed annually during a full gynecological examination.

Pap tests are important because the early stages of cervical cancer often do not result in any symptoms. When symptoms do occur, it may be later in the development and the cancer may have spread further. Instead, patients who undergo Pap tests and screenings for cervical cancer may be able to spot the cancer in the earlier stages, where more effective treatment can address the problem. Cervical cancer that is treated effectively before it becomes a concern is less likely to become a serious issue for an individual. That’s why our team stresses the importance of cervical cancer screenings with the Pap test at Columbus Women’s Care.

Call today to book your cervical cancer screening

At Columbus Women’s Care in Canal Winchester, OH, our providers educate patients on the importance of routine evaluations. If you are overdue for your cervical cancer screening or require other medical services, we welcome you to call (614) 755-4200 to schedule your appointment. Our team is located at 7901 Diley Road, Suite 205/260 and invites new patients to our facility for comprehensive women’s health care solutions.

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