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Da Vinci Surgical System | Columbus Women's Care There are all sorts of issues women may experience throughout their lives. Some are minor, while others can be quite serious. You could take a painkiller, or need to go in for surgery, all depending on what’s happening deep down. And while you may think it’s nothing serious, we always recommend seeing a doctor to make sure you really know what’s going on. After all, it feels good to have someone tell you it’s nothing serious, and therefore you don’t end up worrying needlessly.

Sometimes, you do have a certain issue that is serious and needs surgery to resolve it. And while surgery isn’t always ideal, it can help you get back on the mend and help you have a higher quality of life.

Certain issues that can lead to surgery include:

  • Endometriosis
  • Cancer
  • Excessive menstrual bleeding
  • Pelvic prolapse
  • Fibroid tumors

Traditionally, gynecologic surgery is performed in the traditional way, using traditional open surgery or minimally invasive surgery. We have found a way to help improve surgery. The da Vinci® Surgical System provides us with a minimally invasive alternative to laparoscopic surgery. It gives us a 3D HD® view inside your body, which allows for an optimal view of the condition being treated. The special wristed instruments bend and rotate far greater than the human wrist, which gives us more range-of-motion. This system only requires a few small incisions and gives patients a faster recovery.

The da Vinci® enables us to operate with enhanced vision, precision, and control. Essentially, your doctor controls the da Vinci® System, which translates the movements of her hands into smaller, more precise movements of tiny instruments inside your body. This technology allows for almost scarless results. Benefits from using the da Vinci system include:

  • Less risk of infection or complications
  • Return sooner to normal activities
  • Minimal scarring due to smaller incisions
  • A shorter hospital stay

If you are interested in learning more about this amazing technology and how it can be implemented in a surgery that you need, give us a call. Dial (614) 755-4200  to schedule a consultation today to learn more about the da Vinci System.

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