Recovering from a Chemical Peel

Chemical Peels Columbus OH Taking care of your skin after a peel is just as important as the peel itself. The recovery period sets up your skin for glowing, fresh radiance. Keep reading to learn more about taking care of your skin after a chemical peel.


Your skin will be thirsty after a chemical peel, so you might want to moisturize more than normal. Follow what your skin is telling you, and if you’re drying out every two hours, then feel free to add more moisturizer to your skin. Adding an occlusive may also help prevent your skin from drying out.

Avoid Makeup

Though makeup might be okay, going without foundation for a few days can help your skin breathe and recover. It may need a little TLC after a peel, and letting your skin rest without additional ingredients from makeup can be a welcome relief. You may choose a light mineral makeup if you can’t go without, or if you have sensitive skin in general.

Makeup may also exacerbate the look of the peeling, so keep an eye on your skin and make choices that support your specific skin’s healing.

Don’t Pick

Though there are conflicting accounts about whether it’s okay or not, we recommend not peeling or picking at the skin that flakes off your skin. Depending on your skin, you may get tiny scars or develop spots of hyperpigmentation. That’s what the peel is working on shedding, so creating new issues can be very upsetting.

Don’t physically pull skin off that isn’t ready to go. If you must, you can use small cuticle scissors to trim pieces off the skin so you have a more smooth face.

Wear Sunscreen

This will help your skin recover without sunburn. The last thing you want is damaged skin when it’s trying to regenerate a new layer! Your skin will be more sensitive to the sun, so keep that in mind and bring sunscreen with you to re-apply in the middle of the day.

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