No More Struggling with Acne or Post-Acne Hyperpigmentation

Aesthetic Services | Columbus Women's Care | Columbus OH For many of us, the mirror just brings us the reminders of what we wish we could change. Summer’s here and, though we’ll take summer over the dry-skin winters, our skin might still not be behaving as we’d like it to be. Maybe we’re helping the problems get worse without even realizing it. Eating too many rich foods, baking in the sun, or popping that one little zit can add to skin trouble. From acne to hyperpigmentation to sun damage to texture issues, the list of issues that might be helped with a chemical peel go on and on. Keep reading to learn more about the chemical peels we offer and how they might help your skin become more radiant.

Myth: Only Teens Get Acne

Studies show that a large number of acne sufferers are actually adults. Hormones, food sensitivities, bacteria from phones, and stress can all combine to bring acne up to the surface. Don’t even talk about picking, which is one of the biggest skincare no-no’s out there. If you’re struggling with acne and need a kick-start to clearer skin, a chemical peel might be just the thing for you.


Those aisles and aisles of skincare and all of the commercials focused on one thing when we were younger: acne. But how come nobody mentioned what acne can leave behind after we finally evict it from our lives? Hyperpigmentation, dark spots that can be left behind after acne, is almost worse! Hyperpigmentation can hide the beautiful skin you have, especially if you focus on it. But it’s hard not to be self-conscious and end up wearing a full face of foundation every day to hide it. A series of chemical peels could help scrub away those stubborn spots and reveal beautiful skin that needs no coverage!

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Using our expertise we can select the type of chemical peel that will give you the best results for you. Are you interested in chemical peels and how they can help change your complexion? Call us at (614) 755-4200 to schedule a consultation with us.

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