Infertility: What Are Your Options?

Infertility | Gynecology Services Columbus OH Infertility affects approximately 10% of couples who want to have children. Fortunately, today’s treatments for infertility give these couples renewed hope for starting a family. Columbus Women’s Care provides the clinical and emotional support that couples need when seeking solutions for infertility.

Hormone Imbalances

Most women who experience infertility have some hormonal imbalance. Testing hormone levels start the process of restoring hormone levels and increasing the chances of pregnancy. If we determine that you are low or high in certain hormones, we can initiate treatment.


Anovulation is a condition in which the ovaries do not release eggs. The condition is typically related to a lack of oocyte. If you have anovulation, we can provide treatment that improves the function of the ovaries.

HSG Procedures

The HSG procedure is a type of diagnostic imaging that allows us to evaluate your fallopian tubes. Infertility may be caused by a blockage. After the imaging is complete, we can recommend methods to treat the fallopian tubes and improve the chances of pregnancy.


The walls of the uterus need to be healthy for a fertilized egg to develop into a baby. A sonohystogram is a special type of ultrasound imaging test that is performed to evaluate the lining of the uterus.


Even if we are unable to pinpoint the reason for your infertility, you have options. Clomid is a prescription fertility drug that is used in cases where the reason for infertility cannot be identified.


Femara is a prescription medication that stimulates the ovaries to release eggs. The drug is most often recommended for women with a polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS, but it can be used in most cases of unidentified infertility.

Ultrasound Monitoring

Ultrasound is used to help women who experience infertility. The test allows us to evaluate your reproductive system and monitor the progress of pregnancies.

Ovulation Trigger Injections

Several medications exist that can be administered via injection to stimulate the ovaries. The injections are normally performed at home according to a schedule that is based on your menstrual cycle.

Recurrent Miscarriages

Miscarriages are difficult for couples, and having recurrent miscarriages can make pregnancy seem impossible. Columbus Women’s Care offers services to assess why women have multiple miscarriages, and we recommend treatments that improve the chances of having a baby.

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