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Contraception | Columbus Women's Care | Columbus OHWinter’s slumber is a distant memory, and spring is bringing about a rebirth of nature. Now is the time of year when new life emerges, and lovely song birds welcome each day. Love is, indeed, in the air. Now may be the time to consider your methods of contraception, and Columbus Women’s Care has several options to fit every woman’s lifestyle.

I’m Not in a Relationship. Do I Still Need Contraception?

Certainly, the main purpose of contraception is to reduce the chances of an unwanted pregnancy, but contraception also offers women other benefits. Contraception can help you with your period by decreasing your flow and reducing cramping.

How Does Contraception Work?

Each type of contraception works differently with your body to prevent pregnancy.

  • Intrauterine devices, or IUDs, prevent sperm from reaching the eggs
  • Birth control pills change a woman’s menstrual cycle with progesterone and estrogen
  • Condoms prevent sperm from entering a woman’s body
  • Vaginal rings are infused with estrogen and progestin to prevent the ovaries from releasing eggs

What are the Most Effective Methods of Birth Control?

Each type of contraception has limitations. For example, you may forget to take your birth control pill or a condom may break during intercourse. The advantage of using a condom, though, is that it helps protect you against sexually transmitted infections. For women who are not sexually active or in a monogamous relationship, we typically recommend IUDs and subdermal implants. Under the guidance of your gynecologist, you can stop using these methods when you are ready to have children. For women who have had their last child, we may recommend laparoscopic tubal ligation, known more commonly as “getting your tubes tied.”

How Long Do IUDs and Subdermal Implants Last?

IUDs last for three to 10 years, and subdermal implants last about three years.

Are You Considering Your Contraception Options? Contact Columbus Women’s Care.

To learn more about contraception, routine gynecology exams, hormone replacement therapy and our other services, contact Columbus Women’s Care to schedule an appointment. Our offices are located in Columbus, Canal Winchester and Lewis Center, and you can call us directly at (614) 755-4200.

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