Talking With Your Teenager About GYN Exams

Gynecological Care Columbus, OHAlthough your daughter may not be old enough for a complete gynecological exam that includes a Pap test and pelvic exam, scheduling her first appointment between the ages of 13 and 15 has many advantages. Explaining the nature of gynecological visits may be difficult for some parents, so we have put together information for you to use during the discussion.

Explain the Benefits of Early GYN Exams

Scheduling a gynecological exam as your daughter enters the teenage years offers several benefits. Much of the appointment will be centered upon discussing her menstrual cycle and sexual development. A qualified gynecologist understands how to address emotional and physical concerns that may come up during the appointment, as well explain why certain examinations and screenings are needed.

Does the First Appointment Include Examinations?

The first appointment with the gynecologist may not include a complete range of GYN screenings, but only a physical examination. Your daughter may need a pelvic exam if she is experiencing any problems. We may also recommend certain vaccinations during the initial appointment.

Helping Your Teen Feel Comfortable with GYN Exams

Most adolescent girls are nervous about their first GYN appointments. They may not have much experience discussing such intimate details about their bodies and lives. One of the most important ways to support her is to relay the experience as positive and healthy. If you have any discomfort with her appointment or your GYN exams, your daughter will sense this and feel the same way. We recommend that you stay focused on the health benefits initially and use the ensuing conversation as a way to better understand what is important to your daughter. You should also ask your daughter if she wants you present when she meets with the gynecologist.

Learn More About GYN Exams for Adolescents. Contact Columbus Women’s Care.

To learn more about how to discuss Pap tests, pelvic exams, contraception and our other services with your teenage daughter, contact Columbus Women’s Care. We have three convenient locations in Columbus, Canal Winchester and Lewis Center, and you can contact us directly at (614) 755-4200.

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