Dermal Fillers

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers | Columbus Women's Care | Columbus, OH

Dermal Fillers are a collection of gel and paste-like substances that are injected into facial tissue to give a more youthful appearance. This is done by placing injections at various depths of the tissue. As a result, the dermal fillers, decrease the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and compensate for bone loss.

Pure hyaluronic acid fillers are made in a lab and manufactured or cross-linked to have a certain plumping effect. Additionally, hyaluronic acid is naturally found in humans so an allergic reaction is rare. This is why Columbus Women’s Care prefers fillers that contain hyaluronic acid.

Candidates for Dermal Fillers

In truth, anyone can benefit from dermal fillers. However, patients must have appropriate expectations. Dermal fillers will not provide you with a “facelift” but instead a refreshed face. If patients have severe bone loss in the face or deep rhytids, wrinkles, they may require more aggressive treatments.

Dermal Filler Treatment Areas

The most common and FDA approved facial treatment areas include:

  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Nasolabial folds or laugh lines
  • Smokers lines
  • Hands

There are off-label uses for dermal fillers that include the tear troughs and other non-facial areas.

Before & After Facial Fillers

Dermal Fillers | Columbus Women's Care | Columbus, OH

Belatero Balance

Belatero Balance is a unique hyaluronic acid filler that uses cohesive polydensified matrix. This allows the filler to blend in with the natural structure of the skin. We recommend this filler for the under eye area and results can last up to one year.

Belotero Before And After Photos

Belotero Balance
Belotero Balance


Juvederm | Columbus Women's Care | Columbus, OH

The Juvederm line of products can be broken into two groupings. The main difference between them is the FDA approved duration of the product and the way the products are cross-linked. The results for Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus typically last from 6 months to one year.

  • Juvederm Ultra is the classic preparation that can be placed all over the face and gives the patient a truly beautiful “juicy” lips hence the phrase “juicy Juvederm.“
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus has a bit more body so it will give more projection wherever it is placed.

Volbella, Vollure, and Voluma are the newer Juvederm line of products. Each filler offers a different density and is cross-linked with hyaluronic acid uniquely so they can last longer than other fillers.

  • Volbella is for fine lines and wrinkles and is especially useful for those present around the mouth. Some prefer this for their lips if they just want hydration versus fullness
  • Vollure is designed to be injected more deeply and into more severe lines that other Juvederm products. This filler tends to stay where it is placed versus spreading but still remains soft. Vollure results last about 18 months.
  • Voluma is on the more expensive end of the spectrum but has some of the longest lasting results. This injection is the thickest, strongest gel of this category and makes a beautiful cheek that can last up to 2 years.


Restylane | Columbus Women's Care | Columbus, OH

Restylane is a family of fillers that vary by FDA indication, “thickness,” and ability to lift and spread under the skin. These fillers produce results that last up to one year.

  • Restylane L is the classic workhorse that professionals can inject pretty much anywhere in the face. It causes minimal lift but smooths wrinkles beautifully without attracting too much water to the injection site.
  • The newer fillers, Restylane Defyne & Refyne, are designed to move with the natural lines of the face around mouth and checks.
  • Restylane Silk is designed for fine lines and is placed very superficially in the skin.
  • Restylane Lyft is a remake of the old Perlane-L filler and is in competition with Volluma.

Results of Dermal Fillers

The results from dermal fillers are immediate. However, Columbus Women’s Center prefers to see you 2 weeks after injections to determine if you are happy and see the final results. You might initially notice some swelling or bruising from the injection itself and even some lumps or bumps. All of these findings are normal and will resolve with time.

Side Effects of Facial Filler Injections

Some side effects of dermal fillers include cold sores, bruising, and allergic reactions. Patients with known cold sores should take preventative medication before injection. If bruising or ulceration occurs it can produce a blue or brown tint to the skin. If patients have an allergic reaction it is typically due to lidocaine within the fillers. However, many of the most popular fillers can come without lidocaine.

One of the major side effects of filler injections is vessel occlusion. This is a rare event that affects less than 0.06% of patients but is a medical emergency. Vessel occlusion occurs if the needle is placed in a vessel and “blocks” the vessel. When the vessel is blocked it can cause necrosis of the skin. This requires immediate intervention. Experienced, well-trained injectors work to avoid complications with excellent technique and knowledge of anatomy. In the rare event, an occlusion takes place staff at Columbus Women’s Care can dissolve the hyaluronic acid fillers.

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