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Intimate wellness is an important aspect of general health. As a woman ages, there is a good chance that her intimate wellness will be affected by physiological changes. The vaginal canal and external genitalia may be altered by childbirth, hormones, and menopause. The changes that occur are often described as vaginal atrophy, the symptoms of which may include vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, lack of sensitivity, and stress urinary incontinence. Using innovative technology, we help patients correct the loss of elasticity and tightness at the same time that we stimulate improved lubrication and overall vaginal health. We are proud to offer quick, convenient vaginal rejuvenation using TempSure Vitalia.

What is TempSure Vitalia?


TempSure Vitalia is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment that works by stimulating natural, ongoing tissue regeneration. We use this radiofrequency (RF) device to tone and tighten the internal and external tissues and to correct concerns related to vaginal atrophy without incurring downtime.

How Does the Vaginal Tightening Procedure Work?

The TempSure Vitalia device administers controlled amounts of RF energy to a target internal or external area. Radiofrequency permeates the uppermost layers of tissue without causing overheating. It gets absorbed into the deeper layers of tissue where collagen forms a matrix of supple structure. The heat delivered from the handheld applicator is offset by pulses of cooling emissions. As a result of the alternating heating and cooling, the body increases circulation in the target area. The treatment also stimulates inactive fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin over the course of several weeks.

What Are the Benefits of TempSure Vitalia?

One of the primary benefits of TempSure Vitalia is that the treatment can be obtained without the risks associated with surgical procedures. Brief appointments for TempSure treatments are comfortable and efficient. After treatment patients can go about their day as normal. Very few side effects are associated with this minimally-invasive treatment. What is associated with it is the fast onset of improvements; improvements that continue to get better over time.

How Long Does a TempSure Vitalia Treatment Take?

The TempSure Vitalia process is quick and easy. The treatment may take 15 to 30 minutes depending on the patient's specific needs. After a brief consult and answering any questions the patient may have, the provider can begin the procedure immediately. There is no need to apply a topical numbing agent for comfort. The radiofrequency energy is pulsed alongside cooling emissions to ensure that tissue heating occurs in a comfortable, uniform manner.

What Results Can I Expect?

Vaginal rejuvenation treatment that stimulates the natural regeneration of healthy vaginal tissue can acheive multiple improvements simultaneously. Some of the results that patients can expect to obtain through this treatment include:

  • Improved vaginal tightness
  • Increased sensitivity in and around the vagina, resulting in greater intimate pleasure
  • Enhanced appearance of external vaginal tissue due to the growth of new collagen and elastin
  • Relief from stress urinary incontinence

How Long Will Results from TempSure Vitalia Last?

The results of TempSure Vitalia treatment begin to develop right away. Patients may begin to notice a difference in the look or feel of their intimate area within a week or two. To achieve the maximum benefits of non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation, patients may need a series of three or four treatments. We schedule these monthly and recommend a number of treatments based on the severity of vaginal atrophy. Once the desired improvements have been achieved, patients can expect them to last from 9 to 18 months. Touch-up treatments can be arranged as needed to continue more robust collagen proliferation to mitigate the consequences of aging.

Are There Risks Associated with TempSure Vitalia Vaginal Rejuvenation?

TempSure Vitalia treatments are in demand for several reasons. This treatment works quickly without any downtime and without surgical risks. Patients who receive this RF vaginal rejuvenation treatment may experience minor swelling, irritation, or redness after their appointment. These side effects are associated with the increase in circulation to the vaginal lining and external tissues. Usually, the treatment area returns to normal within a few days.

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Every woman deserves to feel comfortable when she laughs, exercises and engages with her intimate partner. Vaginal atrophy can have a significant impact on sexual pleasure, confidence, and physical comfort. To address the issues caused by vaginal atrophy, contact Columbus Women's Care at 614-755-4200.

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