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Aesthetic Services

Welcome to CWC Beauty

Columbus Women’s Care is proud to introduce CWC Beauty! CWC Beauty is a one stop shop to have an OBGYN visit, and also have the convenience of receiving a wide range of aesthetic services.

Message from Dr. Cherie Richey

Hello, my name is Dr Cherie Richey and I am an OB/GYN in practice in Columbus, Ohio for over 18 years.  Over the last few years my practice has expanded its offerings from womens health services to aesthetics and in so many ways it has been a natural and welcome evolution.  Clearly, all of my medical patients are women and I love all aspects of caring for them.  The addition of laser services to help those patients who are struggling with intimacy issues with their partners “gave birth” to my aesthetic practice because the same technology that can improve the functionality of the vagina can also resurface other areas of the body.  I have always been artistic and had a “great eye” so the addition of what some may consider “superficial” services has been “SUPER fulfilling” to me.  My philosophy  is to promote natural beauty whether that be via maintenance of youth or promotion of a more youthful look.

Aesthetic Services Available

Our Prices

Obagi Pro C Serum 15% 1oz $93
Obagi Pro C Serum 20% $115.50

Obagi Tretinoin cream 0.25% 20 gram $71
Obagi Tretinoin cream 0.05% 20 gram $77
Obagi Tretinoin cream 0.1% 20 gram $87

Obagi Hydrate 1.7oz $50
Obagi Hydrate Lux 1.7oz $72
Obagi Sunshield Matte spf 50 3oz $51.50
Obagi Sunshield Minneral SPF 50 $51.50
Obagi Sunshield Tint Warm SPF 50 $51.50
Obagi Sunshiled Tint Cool SPF 50 $51.50

Obagi Nextcell Retivance 1oz $127
Obagi Nextcell IDR lotion 2oz $75
Obagi Nextcell soothing complex 1.6oz $79
Obagi Nextell cleansing wipes $20
Obagi Nextell acne cleansing wipes $20

Obagi Nuderm Foaming gel 6.7oz $42
Obagi Nuderm Cleanser 6.7oz $42
Obagi Nuderm toner 6.7oz $42
Obagi Nuderm Clear 2oz $108
Obagi Nuderm Exfoderm Forte 2oz $74
Obagi Nuderm Blender 2oz $103
Obagi Nuderm Toner 2oz $14.00
Obagi Nuderrm Foaming gel 2oz $15.00
Nuderm Gentle Cleanser 2oz $15.00
Obagi Nuderm travel kit $245.00
Obagi Nuderm Kit $453

Clenziderm MD Pore Therapy $39
Clenziderm MD Daily Care Foaming Cleanser $39
Clenziderm MD Therapeutic Lotion $81

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